Monday, February 8, 2016

My little succulent project

This time of year I really crave some sunshine and some fresh flowers, or in this case some fresh plants. So a couple Saturdays ago we decided to go plant shopping. While we were there these cute little succulents caught my eye. There are so many different kinds, with ones varying from lush and leafy to "out of this world like" and spiky. I grabbed a variety and decided to make my sister, mom, and myself arrangements. I didn't see any pots that I liked at the Home depot (which is where we got the plants) so I decided to go to my fail safe, the internet. I found some cool marble pots on amazon but they arrived broken, to my great disappointment. So I finally set out to find the perfect ones in "the real world". 
I ended up finding these cool textured silver bowls from home goods. The width and depth were great because succulents don't need a lot of soil but I could still put several in each and they would be shown beautifully! The only thing I didn't care for was the color so I sprayed them with a quick coat of metallic gold spray paint and they turned out so pretty! Hopefully I have inspired you to add some greenery to your own home!

I will also be posting a YouTube video of what I did here that will go into more depth. So make sure to check it out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Getaway to Skamania Lodge

The hubs and I decided a take a quick little getaway to Skamania Lodge this past weekend, which is nestled right in the columbia river gorge. We had such a fun time even if it was for only one night! I can hardly believe this is so close to where we live! I honestly felt like it was a different world, the scenery was really just breathtaking.
I really think Richard and I could be with our kids all the time but we also realize it's important to take time for us. We even got some amazing photos to boot and I hope you really enjoy!!!
It may sound funny but when we do these kind of "shoots" (I feel funny naming them that because it's just the two of us) it's like we a flirting so it's kinda HOT. lol


Friday, January 8, 2016

Beanie Weather!

So proud of myself for actually doing a blog post! lol Being consistent with posting is one of my resolutions for the year so I hope you are ready!

You know one reason I really love winter? Beanie weather! I am pretty sure beanies make every outfit cuter! But nothing makes me look cuter than my sweet babes! ; )

Pants Asos 
Jacket Forever 21 
Beanie Forever 21
Shoes Windsor

Hat H&M
Vest Target
Skirt Gymboree
Shoes Ugg

Monday, November 23, 2015

Kinda a splash Sexy

So the amount of times that I get to actually wear a "gown" in a year can be summed up to about once or twice. Which now that I think about it... I need to come up with some more excuses! Richard and I went to his annual company dinner and I got to wear this super sparkly gold sequin dress from Asos. I literally received it two days before the event and thanked Jesus that it actually fit! It was just over $100 and then I got 15% off for using their app. Score! I am not sure what I was thinking for what bra  I was going to wear with this (ahem ditz mom brain) but really Carrie Bradshaw always sported her bras proud so I figured it was okay. Kinda a splash sexy no?

Shoes are silver metallic ones from Nordstroms that I wear all the time. The brand is called Penny loves Kenny.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures! PS I have a new camera lens on my Christmas wish list for higher quality photos! lol

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last minute, Pumpkin Patch Day!

We usually don't go to the Pumpkin patch this late in the season but better late than never! Right?! It didn't rain, thank you Jesus, but it did that morning so we ended up pretty muddy. Enjoy our fun through these pics! xo


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