Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spring shoe musts!

I have been finding THE cutest shoes this season so I needed to round them all up in one place to share my favs! I already own about half of them and the other half will probably be finding there way to my closet!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Round up of current amazon favorites

Hello Luvs! I have found sooo many amazing amazon finds lately, so I wanted to round them all up together and share my favs in a blog post with you! As I was putting these together I was giggling to myself when I realized that the first four include leopard. NO surprise there! But seriously love all these finds so much! 

 Leopard and lace cami (sz S)  Light weight cardigan  (sz Us 4-6)
 Leopard bathrobe  (sz S)
 Striped cardi (sz S)
Hooded denim jacket  (sz S) 
Cocoon cardi (sz S)

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Living room decor for the new house

Happy February babes! I have been dreaming so much about the house and have all these ideas, so I thought I would start putting together my room ideas. I am starting with the living room, we will spend much of our time in this space so I want it to be perfect!

1. This mirror is not the exact one that I have. The one I have is actually from home goods but this one is very similar! I think the "ornateness" of this mirror is a nice contrast to the clean lines of the other pieces.
2. I am soon obsessed with my juju wall hats that I got for my birthday last year! They add such a pretty texture to the space and I love that they add instant "boho" vibes.
3. We had this amazing sectional in our old house and we plan on getting it again for the new house. It held up sooo well, especially for a family of six. I love that it is sooo crazy comfy and that it fits us ALL at one time. I think the clean lines are really beautiful and it's just a really nice neutral backdrop to all the pillows we will have on it. lol!
4. We already have this coffee table and love it! I love the touch of marble it adds to the space and the thing is virtually indestructible. Trust me we know! lol
5. Can you tell I am going with super neutral colors?! Yeah I want it to be a space we can come and just take a deep breath and it be so calming. Which is why I LOVE these pillows. So pretty with the soft leopard!
6. This side table we have and LOVE!!! Sooo boho, interesting and VERY well made! The thing is solid!!! Seriously its amazing! Love having side tables to set drinks on or candles etc.
7. I can't quite decide between this rug or a white shag area rug. But for now this one looks better with my collage sooo.... lol! It definitely adds to my "boho glam" thing! And I actually am for sure getting this one for my closet. The price is awesome too!
8. Omg this bookshelf is SUCH a good find! It's seriously the perfect size and you can't beat the price. Sooo excited I found it! Will be so fun to decorate these shelves.
9. Okay this is my dream mirror and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! It's soooo DREAMY!
10. This last piece, the console has been the hardest thing for me to find! I have so many requirements for this piece and it's crazy how little is out there. Nothing seemed to fit what I wanted. I really wanted it to be long enough so when you have a larger tv, it would still be longer than the tv. But most of the tv stands out there are short! It really bothers me when the tv is the same size as the stand. Not sure why but thats just how I feel! lol! And the ones that were big enough were not my style or just plain UGLY! So when I found this one, I jumped for joy! It's long enough, it ties in with the white of the room and the boho lines, and it also adds that touch of glam I really wanted for the room too with the mirror! And guess what?! It's only $523!!!! Yep I am one happy girl!!! It's PERF!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hawaii 2019

First of all I have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR babes!!! Am I a little late in saying this?! Yes! lol but I love you all so much and I just have to say how excited I am for this new year and all the possibilities it brings! 

So we are back and all settled in from our 2 week trip to Hawaii and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and get this post done! We had such an amazing trip that I did not want it to end, but now we are in full boar house mode and it is so fun seeing progress!

We go to the big island every 2 years with my whole extended family and it's always a blast! See the end of this post for my big island recs!

Romper  (sz S), Swimsuit top (sz US 2), Swimsuit bottom (sz US 4), Handbag    
Sports bra (sz S), Leggings (sz S), Necklace  
Swimsuit top (sz S size up if you have larger chest), Shoes (tts), Girls dresses  
Sports bra (sz S), Leggings (sz S), Shoes   
Cardigan (sz S), Shoes  

Sweatshirt (sz S), Hair scarfShoes (similar), Aloha towel 
Kimono (tts), Swim suit top (sz S), Swim suit bottom  (sz S)
Swimsuit top (sz S, size up if you have larger chest), Swimsuit bottom (sz S), Sarong (sz US 4), Sunglasses, Hat
Swimsuit cover (sz US 4), Swimsuit top (sz US 2), Swimsuit bottom (sz US 4), Sunglasses (gold/silver) 
Kimono,  Swimsuit (sz M, I sized up one) 
Top (sz US 4), Skirt (sz US 4, Handbag, Sandals  
Swimsuit (sz US 6, I sized up one), Hat, Bracelets  
Sweatshirt (sz S, oversized fit), Shoes, Shorts (sz US 6), Sunglasses (gold/silver), Holt's Jumpsuit, Holt's shoes   
Swimsuit top (sz S, size up if you have larger chest), Swimsuit bottom  (sz S), Girls swimsuits 

Where we stay- White sands village condos  I'll admit they aren't the fanciest but for being there for two weeks they are really affordable, we can cook our own meals, and it's right next to a gorgeous beach. 

Where we eat - Lava Java Amazing for breakfast, try the cinnamon roll, sooo yum! Basik Cafe  has the yummiest acai bowls! Da Poke Shack has award winning poke, but go early because they sell out! 

Favorite beaches - Beach at the King Kamehameha Hotel such a great cove for kids to swim, you can also rent paddle boards, it's a great place to learn because the water is calm.  Hapuna Beach this beach is HUGE and it's so fun to play in the waves! Beach at the Four Seasons resort, this is such a hidden gem that not everyone knows about! There is limited parking for the public so go early to get  a spot! Such a great calm place for kids especially. Magic Sands beach, this beach is right across from where we stay. It's called magic sands because sometimes the beach disappears because the ocean pulls all the sand out to sea.