Sunday, March 26, 2017

30 weeks update

It's so crazy to believe I am 30 weeks along already with baby number four! 

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on how it is going with this pregnancy. I know with Instagram and social media, it can look so glamorous and perfect but that is hardly the case. I love one moms bio on her IG feed saying "I only show you what I want you to see". This seriously struck a cord with me because it's so true. In a way my social media is a bit of an escape and a way to "glamorize" my life. I guess there are times where my life might be a bit glam but its mostly, carpool lanes in sweat pants and racing off to the next thing on the schedule. It actually seems like I am either looking like a homeless crazy lady, or I'm dressed to the nines with a full face of makeup. lol

For this pregnancy I am trying with all my might to soak it up. Which seems like a challenge with how hectic our lives are. I wouldn't change anything except for more time together, which I feel like we can never have enough of. One thing that has taken us longer than any other pregnancy is picking a name for baby. We STILL don't have a name picked for sure but we are getting really close. Richard laughs and says maybe we should wait until he is born and then choose. I respond with my laser stare, saying "you have got to be joking!" I am not the type of person to leave something like that up in the air! 

My body is definitely starting to feel the gravity of this sixth pregnancy (including my two miscarriages).  I have an almost "rash like" varicose vein maze on my right leg that is constantly throbbing. I am supposed to be wearing compression socks all the time but lets be real, mama still wants to rock a cute short lace dress and not wear knee high socks with it! My sister in law had the same thing on both of her legs and they went away after she delivered so I am praying mine will disappear as well. Another crazy thing is SLEEP or lack there of. In between having to get up and pee and my wild hormonal dreams, that help me sleep like a wild cat in water, AND the kids having ear infections and bad dreams lets just say I try and sneak in as many naps as possible. Other than that baby is healthy and happy kicking up a storm and I am in good health. So really, I could not ask for more!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I will be sharing on my YouTube channel, all the baby essentials that we have gotten for baby so make sure and check that out and subscribe!

Outfit deets
Maternity lace dress only $38!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nighttime skincare routine

Hey luvs! I thought I would share my nightly skincare routine and all the products that I currently use. See a step by step guide down below:
Step one: I use this oil free makeup remover by Neutrogena on my eyes but only if I went for a more dramatic eye look that day. It just makes the makeup melt away and is so gentle on my eyes, which I love.
Step two: For any leftover makeup on my face, I use this cleansing oil by Juice Beauty. It is so gentle on the skin, it completely takes away any makeup or dirt on my face without drying it out. My skin is left feeling clean but hydrated at the same time. 

Step three: Next step is this serum by California clean. This is a new company to me but so far I am really loving it. I have been using this Apple Stem Cell Regenerating serum for a few weeks now before my moisturizer and have noticed a GLOW and a more even skin tone because of it! I love that this whole line is made with natural and sustainable ingredients and safe for pregnant women to use! 

Step four: After the serum, I use this Drink up intensive overnight mask by Origins. I love how this product basically gets me through the dry winter months. It is super hydrating, and at only $26 I can't get enough!

Step five: Next my eye treatment, I have been really liking this Tarte Maracuja C Eye Treatment I have noticed my under eyes have been smoother when I apply my concealer and they look brighter as well.  

Step six: Last but not least, the lips! My lips get super dry in the winter so this Vaseline lip therapy is a life saver! It keeps my lips protected, hydrated and it has a rosy tint to it, which is so flattering. 

I truly enjoy skin care and taking care of my skin! Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bows Bows Bows!

I don't think of myself as a huge "bow" person but lately I have been seriously warming up to them! Maybe its this pregnancy, maybe it's spring, whatever it is I am totally digging these items below! I mean seriously I kinda just wanna put bows on everything but I will restrain myself. LOL! 
See the link for everything below!

1. Maternity dress
2. Bow Socks
3. Stripe knot front top
4. Salvatore Ferragamo bag
5. Bow back stripe bodysuit
6. Ted baker ring
7. Bow mules

Monday, February 27, 2017

Saturday Brunchin

This past weekend the kids, the bump, the hubby, and I went to brunch and let me just say it felt like a mini vacay! Besides the fact that wherever we go to eat/shop I feel like I am constantly apologizing. Apologizing? Yes and not just for the kids bumping into people or being loud and rowdy, I myself am kind of a bull in a china shop between my large bump, large hiny, and my obnoxious picture taking. Poor Richard just tries to hang on for dear life!
What can I say we are "those" people lol!

So we tried out this place called Tusk that looks like its straight from Palm Springs which you know I love! I mean they have gold, white and cacti?! YES!

We ordered coffee, with chocolate chip fritters and lemon curd, that were served nice and hot and just melted in your mouth. We also ordered a couple plates of biscuits and gravy (a family favorite) which were CRAZY good, they had a slight hint of curry but just the right amount. Last but not least we ordered the baked eggs with warm pita bread to dip on the side. The baked eggs had a delicious spicy kick that this mama loooooved! 

If you guys ever happen to be in the Portland area I highly recommend!

Outfit pics and links below!

This is the look that I wore, and I have to say this might be my most favorite dress that I have worn for this pregnancy. I felt like it was so flattering and airy and the fact that it isn't even a maternity dress is really just the cherry on top.
Dress Amuse Society
Shoes Steve Madden
Dress Forever 21
Watch Fitbit 'Alta' 
Sunglasses Quay

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A glimpse into our master bath

It seriously makes me so happy to be posting this picture! Simply because this means I am finally getting somewhere with this room! I am telling you, there is nothing quite as good as expecting a baby to put a fire under me to get some projects done around the house. 

This is just a little glimpse into our master bath and I hope you love it! I will be doing a full tour on my YouTube channel as well so make sure and subscribe so you don't miss out!


-Wall sconce from Ikea (I spray painted black because they're "blackish brown" when you buy.)
-Gold planter Urban Outfitters 
-Lucite candle holder West Elm
-Nate Berkus Woven Bowl (richard told me that it was damaged and I didn't believe him, I thought it was supposed to be the way it came. Then I saw the online image of it and had to eat my own words lol!)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentines 2017

For Valentines I will be rocking this baby bump proudly! I'd like to say that the hubs and I will be burnin up the town that night, but in all reality we will probably be curled up with the kiddos, eating one of those heart shaped pizzas! lol
The thing is, is that I am perfectly happy doing either! Glam to the nines or rockin my sweats, I love it all. As long as I can have both! You feel me?!

This outfit is very much, my favorite valentines look I have worn to date! And the fact that I have a big ol baby bump in it, is just the cherry on top!

The inspiration for this look started with this adorable mylar balloon that I found at Target for only $6! The rest just fell into place after that. All links to my outfit are on the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

Love balloon
Asos Maternity Lace Dress 
Asos Pandemonium Lace up Pointed heels
Wrapped Kiss Cuff Bracelet 
Chainmail Bracelet 
Jacket is from Forever 21, similar one found here

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Perfect Cardi under $50!

I promise you guys if you are looking for that perfect cozy cardi look NO further! I scored this gem from Asos and am not looking back. I ordered a size large just so it would be extra big and cozy for my growing bump and it is a dream! The length is perfect, the color is perfect, and it is unbelievably soft! AND to top it all off it's under $50 at only $43! I mean I am smitten!

Okay okay I'll stop gushing over the sweater and move on to the rest of my look...

This outfit is what I wore on our first Sunday back to church after Hawaii, and I wanted to be extra comfy (ahemm, to comfort myself from being back to the cold, sniff sniff!) In all actuality I was so excited to get back to church and fellowship with people and get some good spiritual food. It's so crazy how it effects me on a daily basis if I don't start the week off right by going to church and hearing the good news!

I went with this Carhartt hat from Asos as well (and yes I do 50%, if not more, of my shopping from there) I really feel like they have a good selection and they really take care of their customers. Plus I love the fact that for $19 a year you can get 2 day shipping on any order, and it's coming all the way from the UK! 

The jeans are maternity and they are from my fav jean brand AG. They are very comfortable and the perfect color! 

Links to everything below!

Asos Ultimate Chunky Cardigan
Carhartt WIP Watch Beanie 
AG Maternity Skinny Jeans 
Givenchy Medium Antigona Satchel 
Shoes Zara

Thursday, January 12, 2017

20 Weeks Update

I seriously can't believe I am already half way done with this pregnancy! I am finally over the morning sickness phase (thank you sweet Jesus) and feeling pretty fab. Since this will most likely be our last pregnancy I am trying to soak it all up and truly enjoy this special time!

We are currently on vacation in Hawaii and when we return we will head the very next day to our 20 week ultrasound. The whole family is really looking forward to that appointment. That appointment is when we will find out the sex of the baby, not to mention actually see the baby in mommies tummy! 

This pregnancy has been extra special because the kids are a little older this time, and to share it with them has been amazing! Each week I read them the weekly updates from Baby Center. Which tells us things like what size the baby is that week, and what changes are happening in the babies body and mine. They really get a kick out of what fruit or vegetable they compare the size of it too, for instance last week it was the size of an heirloom tomato. 

This outfit I wore just today, and it was the first time I actually wore pants on this trip! Which I loved because these maternity jeans are just perfection! Check out all the links to this look below!

Off the shoulder top 
AG maternity jeans
Similar pink bucket bag
Tan flats
Fit bit watch 
Quay High Key sunglasses


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