Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yet another

Yet another stellar nursery!
The light fixture, the rug, the art wall, the curtains, the crib and bedding!I also love the modern/grown up chair and lamp. It's the type of nursery that will be really easy to transform as the baby grows up.



Erica said...

oh my, this one is good! :)

jociegal said...

Looks amazing!

Karena said...

Love, love love it!!


Art by Karena

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Poppies and Sunshine said...

Love this! Definitely a versatile room.

offset printing said...

This is an adorable and lovely room. The paintings on the wall are pretty awesome too. I think I have to commend you for picking up a great chandy. Your kid would surely love this room.

Sharstin said...

oh i love it--so fantastic~

Mary said...

I've LOVED this nursery since the moment I laid eyes on it! Isn't it stunning? So fun and funky but whimsical as well.

mydeco said...

It look fantastic! Like the bright colours added to the room by the art, curtains and accessories thanks for posting these!

Stacey said...

love everything about this nursery!


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