Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday at My Home

The winner from last weeks giveaway is... drum roll... Melanie from! So excited for you Melanie, you will have to send me a pic of them when they arrive! I am sure they are going to look fab on your family room couch!
I will send your email off to Fabulous but Frugal and you can tell them which ones you like best!Yipee for free stuff!

Here's what's going on at my home this rainy Monday...
We got the bookshelf out of the formal living room and it is now happily living with my Mother-in-law. I have been so excited to get it moved out so I can finally get this room the way I want it. Now the only problem is, how do I want it? I just look at this room and draw a blank. The only thoughts I am thinking is kinda negative ones like these..
1. Needs a much bigger rug
2. It's too stuffy for me. I get that it's a "formal" living area but I want it to be cozy and fun at the same time and it is not saying either to me.
3. I have no idea what to put on the walls.
4. It also needs some sort of coffee table, books, colorful accents, pillows...
I think it will just take some time to pull it together but for now my goal is to hit up lots of thrift stores and see what treasures I can find. I know it's rough but someone's gotta do it. ; )






-Kasey said...

Oh I think lots of books will be just the thing for this room. It's definitely going in the right direction. That sofa is just, wow!!

Meggy said...

Where oh where did you get that green couchy?? I need.............

Meggy from Chasing Davies

livingladurée said...

Practically a blank slate...have fun girl!!



Jessie said...

Your living room is looking very lovely even without a bigger rug or a coffee table. But getting those two items will definitely complete the whole room. :) To add some fun to the room, maybe you can get a pair of matching green rectangle decorative pillows for both your chairs. I am thinking maybe apple green and white stripes or green chevron pattern pillows for those chairs. Also, to balance out your window on the left, you can consider adding a console/sideboard/buffet on the right of the piano and then, flank a huge modern/ classic mirror on top of it to bounce off the light. Add two table lamps on the console, like those two on the piano will work. Then, accessorize with things you love. Or perhaps, you can replace the mirror with a huge art. The key is a fun and colorful modern art, and I am sure it will goes well with your eclectic room and get rid of the "formal" looking room syndrome. :) Also, the addition of a huge art gives a big statement as well as balance out your window on the left. Hope it helps. With your great taste and eye for beautiful things, I am sure it will work out the way you wanted in the end. I am your new follower and I love your blog, by the way.

Jessie from

Nest Studio said...

I know - it's so tough when it's your own home no? I can come up with ideas for other peep's homes in a heartbeat, but my own keeps me stumped. Finally got off my arse and made some progress on my living room. Posting some images here tomorrow

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

Loving the look without the bookcase! The orientation is good for conversation when entertaining guests also. XX Samantha

SisterBatik said...

Love your decor - especially the piano as a side console and the olive green (wish I had my pantone chart with me for a more descriptive tone of green) armchair.

Monday doesn't look so rainy from the inside!

Pillow Maker

AnaLisa @ Whatever Is Lovely said...

I love it! I could picture some adorable colorful/patterned pillows on the couch with splashes of that same color around the room. Love the texture of the sheepskins, those black and white striped chairs. :)

Brandi said...

Just try not to rush and really give yourself time to think things through. That way you can be sure of what you want instead of trying to make things fit together. I think those lams on the piano could use some bright shades to punch things up a bit. That's an easy DIY though! Maybe a nice big piece of art over the piano. You could make something yourself!

Kelli said...

I love your living room even without those few items... I have always admired your style.

Sarah said...

Hello there! I really enjoy your blog, I think you have a lovely home. The first things that sprang to mind when I saw the photos of your formal room was 'Oooh, great green chaise!', and 'I'm so getting an ornate frame with nothing in it!'. Loved both!

Perhaps you could move the plant and put a small table between the two chairs under the window? Maybe with a small stack of books and a small vase? Because the chairs have such a strong pattern (and are FAB, by the way) they'll look great with something softer in between.

If you hadn't mentioned that you had just got rid of a bookcase I might have suggested putting one on the wall next to the piano...but I suspect that's where it was!

Also, maybe a little more colour accent? I can see the back of a hot pink cushion on the chaise, and I love hot pink with both black and white and green, so maybe that would work? (a hot pink vase on the small table I mentioned earlier? or maybe a white/glass vase with pink flowers?).

I also agree with you about the rug....definitely something bigger, but like the lack of pattern because it really lets the chairs shine!

I hope you get it working the way you want soon :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

as always. so gorgeous....xoxoox

youwannawhat said...

i love the green couch too!...what a beaut!..and my two cents..although i really like the chairs if you want to change the room to be cosier..i'd switch them to upholstered armchairs...they don't look like you'd want to sit in them for very long!

Cassie said...

I'm REALLY enjoying the new layout! Looks great. I loved that bookcase, but it definitely opens the room up without it.


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