Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday morning breakfast

This Saturday morning it was Papa's turn to make breakfast. And let me tell you he makes the BEST omelet! He makes them my favorite way, packed full of veggies! So yummy!
Happy weekend my Luvs!



avant garde design said...

leah, that looks delish. i too had a beautiful breakfast prepared for me (i never cook, he always does, lucky me). now working on homework, and will get out for a walk in the cold, but sunny day today. oh and that post, a few below, the the giant elizabeth taylor in the kid's room, how amazing is that!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Yum, lucky!!!

ChantaleP said...

That is so yummylicious! Does he deliver? ;p

Lindsey said...

yumm!! I love omlets! My hubby makes the BEST scrambled eggs, way better than me!! ha ha - atleast we know they can cook eggs! =)

Have a great weekend!!

Jess said...

ohhhh yummy! looks like a great saturday morning! Happy Weekend!

Kristen said...

Mmmm, my dad makes some of the best omlets, he makes it like a mexican omlet, and adds salsa and avocado! It's soooo good ♥


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