Thursday, July 17, 2014

What my bedroom looks like right now.....

Soooo we began the project of installing new hardwoods in the entire downstairs of our house. As a result our bedroom looks like it should be in a furniture store lol. Now try to imagine kids in this torn apart house, not to mention a newly crawling baby! Ah but I know it will be COMPLETELY worth it. I have been wanting these floors since the six years we have been living here. 

Can't wait to show you the finished look!


Makayla Rose said...

Your bed looks so comfy! I love cozy rooms like this. A ton of pillows is what makes a bedroom, in my opinion.

Dagmara Postelle said...

I am looking forward to the reveal. Can't wait to see what it will look like. I'm sure you will live it. Hardwood floors are such a great feature.

All Home Stylish 2015 said...

the pattern in the wall is minimalist motif but its beautifull


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