Thursday, March 19, 2015

Step by Step DIY Black sheepskin bench with acrylic legs

Who's ready for a fun DIY?! lol
Here we go! 
Step 1
Buy bench with acrylic legs at Home goods for $130 (this is the smaller size of 2 benches that they carry) It's pretty cute as is but I wanted to make it more me.
 Set 2 Buy black sheepskin rug off etsy this is a 3" by 5"

 Step 3 Fold sides over and use upholstery staples and stapler (found mine at Joanne fabrics) to attach to underside of bench. I did not have to cut at all because it fit perfectly. It was long enough but not too long, I wanted it to go around the underside just a bit so it was more "fluffy"

 Step 4 Continue on with both sides with staples being about an inch apart so its good and secured. 
 Step 5 For the end I just folded it just the same as if you were folding paper on a present.
 Folding both ends in...
 Then taking that hanging triangle piece and folding it up.

 Step 6 Staple all along the edge to match sure you attach each fold. Be liberal with your staples so it is good and secure.


 Stella had fun picking up the extra fuzzies and throwing them away.