Friday, December 15, 2017

Cool kids gift guide!!!!

I am calling this the "cool kids gift guide" because I really tried to find gifts that weren't so typical and that I thought were pretty cool!lol!
Hope these give you some good ideas if you are stuck on what to get your babies!

1. Volkswagen tent 
2. Riding motorcycle 
3. Street rollers 
4. Ugg Boots 
5. Initial earrings 
6. Fitness tracker 
7. Guitar purse 
8. Donut teether 
9. Hunter boots 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Balloon sleeve sweater dress

Hey Luvs! I hope your December is going amazing! We have seriously had the best weather here in Portland. It hasn't rained in a couple weeks, and for here this time of year, that is amazing! We have been soaking up the sun and having a blast! And even though we have had colds trying to bring us down, I have been pumping everyone with hot liquids and vitamin C to keep them at bay.

For this Blog look I wore this super cute and simple look. I really love a basic dress that has cute details. It keeps things interesting and this dress with balloon sleeves is just perfect. Plus if you have dresses like this in your closet you can wear them over and over because you can style it completely different with accessories. 

Can I just say I am SO happy I got my two pairs of Stuart Weitzman boots this past summer. I have worn them so much and they are seriously so perfect! No other thigh highs are near as good. I really love that I can still wear dresses this time of year with them too and I don't freeze! oh yeah!

Boots 40% off!