Monday, November 23, 2015

Kinda a splash Sexy

So the amount of times that I get to actually wear a "gown" in a year can be summed up to about once or twice. Which now that I think about it... I need to come up with some more excuses! Richard and I went to his annual company dinner and I got to wear this super sparkly gold sequin dress from Asos. I literally received it two days before the event and thanked Jesus that it actually fit! It was just over $100 and then I got 15% off for using their app. Score! I am not sure what I was thinking for what bra  I was going to wear with this (ahem ditz mom brain) but really Carrie Bradshaw always sported her bras proud so I figured it was okay. Kinda a splash sexy no?

Shoes are silver metallic ones from Nordstroms that I wear all the time. The brand is called Penny loves Kenny.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures! PS I have a new camera lens on my Christmas wish list for higher quality photos! lol