Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful house

How Mama's have successful blogs is beyond me! I hardly have a second to reply to emails let alone writing a blog post. However on this particular Monday morning, miraculously I have a small block of time to pop in and share a home tour from House Beautiful. I saw it while flipping through the latest issue while nursing baby Hugh. ; )
I was really intrigued by the dark wall colors with the bright pops of color, a very welcoming and cozy effect.
Enjoy my sweet Luvs!






Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Arrangement

Here's a quick shot of the front room in our house that I am constantly rearranging because for some reason it drives me crazy! ; )
But moving around a few things I am totally loving this arrangement in front of our window (for now) lol.




Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkins at My Home

My sweet husband picked up some pumpkins to decorate for our front porch. I was especially thankful because we were in desperate need of some sort of fall decor to welcome in the new season!

I love gold pumpkins so I decided to spray paint them all gold. I also love pumpkins with some sort of polka dots on them so Evelette and I had fun painting black ones. I think they turned out pretty cute, they totally remind me of old fashioned french clowns for some reason. It must be the polka dots. : )


I still can't decide which way I like them.
This way

or this way... Oh well!

Happy Tuesday my Luvs!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Pumpkins!

I am not one for the usual carving of the pumpkin. I do however love a gorgeously decorated pumpkin!
These few below that I found around online really stood out at me with their originality. The creators really thought outside the box to create one of a kind beauties.

These hand painted pumpkins remind me of Easter eggs, so detailed and stunning. I just keep thinking how sad it will be when they start rotting after all that hard work!!!


These pumpkins with hundreds of brass tacks are totally up my ally. I love anything shinny and gold!


I am sure you have seen these gold painted pumpkins from Making it Lovely but how could I not include these beauties?!


These are the most doable but definitely just as cute. All you need is a sharpie! Genius!


I have got to pick me up some pumpkins to decorate our patio. We will have to somehow get these kiddos loaded in the car and make our way to a pumpkin patch or at least to the local grocery store. ; )
Have a fabulous weekend my Luvs!