Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pretty PINK spring please!

1. We ALL need a cute pair of Espadrilles in our closet! And these ones top them all!
2. I need this cute ring in my life. Jewelry makes every look better!
3. Love that this hat carries the fishermen cap trend into spring. So freakin adorable! 
4. How cute is this dress?! Stripes are always a good idea!
5. I love a cute blazer with cut-off shorts. It's casual but elevated and sexy at the same time! 
6. Cutest spring top!
7. Such a pretty pink water bottle
8. These pajamas are a breath of fresh air!
9.  The perfect cardigan to layer in spring weather. 
10. This body con dress is super flattering and easy to layer! 

Yay for Spring!

Our Palm Springs Trip




We had such an AMAZING time in Palm Springs and we cannot wait to go back again!
I thought I would share some of our favorite things we did while we were there. We were there once before but we stayed longer this time and got a way better feel for the whole area. Going this time of year can be a little bit cooler but it ended up being still warm enough to swim in the pool, which the kids loved! 

Hiking spots great for family (make sure and bring water and good walking shoes)

Bump and Grind Trail tip... you can go right or left at the start of the trail, if you want an easier hike (especially for kids) opt for the right. 

Randall Henderson loop trail this one has nice and open paths and you go through canyons a bit so it's a fun experience 

Places to eat  
Farm (we went here the first time we went to Palm Springs, it's amazing!)
Great Shakes  (Our favorite was the cake shake)

Fun things to do with kids
Pool time!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hiking in Palm Springs look

I have a more in depth blog post coming with details from our Palm Springs trip but I really wanted to highlight this particular look. One of the things we really like to do when we vacation is hike! Getting outdoors, seeing new things from different views, getting exercise and talking with one another is something we all enjoy!

I especially love this look I wore for the "bump and grind" trail we went on. This time of year in Palm Springs can be a bit chillier so I made sure to wear layers. I went for a monochromatic look and of course pink is always a go to! Check out the links below!

Sports bra  (less than $15!)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentines at home Part 3

For part three of my series, I chose my FAVORITE thing of all time to do for Valentines....
1. Wear cute new pajamas (maybe a little something sexier later on in the evening, wink wink)
2. Make a cozy fire
3. Lay some cozy blankets out in front of it
4. Order a pizza
5. Enjoy pizza in front of said fire! Oh yeah!!!
6. Children, balloons, and lights optional lol!

Bathrobe I wear everyday.. now only $35! 
Fur slippers On sale!
Pink Fur pillow On sale too!

Happy Valentines!