Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer for Japan

Good morning my Luvs. I read our pastors prayer for Japan recently and I thought it would be a wonderful thing to share with you all. My Uncle and Aunt and cousins live in Japan so it is near and dear to my heart, and my heart weeps for the country as a whole. I hope you will all take the time to read this precious prayer for such a great nation.
Much Luvs!

You cannot watch what is going on in Japan and not be overwhelmed. The entire nation is seized with pain. One of the nuclear power plants that has been affected supplies energy to Tokyo so it easy to see how the entire nation is going to be radically affected by the catastrophic events of this last week.
Many of you will want to give and wonder where is the best place to invest. I believe one of the best places to invest is in the church on the ground. While the church is small in Japan, it is nevertheless strong and can link with other Christian organizations along with local agencies and government offices to effectively serve the nation and to assure that your money gets to the source to help instead of administrative costs. Churches and Christian organizations are above all else a volunteer army who cares.
If you haven't decided how you want to give yet, may I suggest you consider giving through the Saddleback Church Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.
We had to weep as we watched the video of that great wave hitting the precious land of Japan and then wouldn't stop coming until the growing devastation registered apocalyptic. It will be days if not weeks before we know just how massive this event will be. Yes, Japan is the nation where my wife grew up and her brothers live and yes, it is emotional for us. We pray for Japan and may I ask that you pray with us.
Father You are sovereign even when our earth shakes, the seas rise and the islands are moved out of their place. We tremble before Your power bowing in humility before Your inscrutable ways. We count ourselves helpless and in desperate need of Your care, Your guidance, Your power.
In the hurry of life, we can easily forget Your twinkling of an eye force. We are mere humans; You are God Almighty and have created a powerful universe that can sweep us away in a moment. We know that if You rewarded us according to our sin the whole world would be devoured in one fatal cataclysmic event, extinguishing all life. Yet it is not so with You. In the middle of a planet we have assassinated with our sin, Your hand perpetually holds back the devastation we all deserve.
Even now, when the earth plates crash and break against each other, even then Your hand of mercy is upon us, upon Japan. Japan is not more wicked or more deserving of what they are presently walking through. We are all deserving so we pray with humility heaped high.
And we cry for mercy, mercy for Japan. Mercy, Father. Not for what they or we deserve. But we cry for mercy. The mercy for us and the Japanese people to find You, Jesus. The mercy to see You, Jesus; the mercy to turn to You, Jesus; the mercy to know that this world is not our promised destination, but You are preparing a better inheritance and a permanent city.
Jesus, You are the sympathetic priest. You came and endured great suffering, so as our bodies suffer, our hearts can grow in faith, be healed in faith and be restored in faith. Bring faith to our hearts by Your word and promise; bring faith to Japan by Your word and promise. You told us that You would never remove trouble from this world and it will play itself out, but You also told us You would stand with us to the end. We pray that You would stand Japan on its spiritual feet and redeem the nation as a nation of faith.
In Jesus name, Amen


Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

This post is really beautiful. I've been wanting to post about Japan but haven't had the words and so I've just been sad silently. Your pastor's words are perfect.

Unknown said...

I can't stop looking at pictures, it's so crazy! My brother in laws family is over there, adn I've been praying for them. Every day there's news of new devastations, it's so crazy!

This was sweet, I am glad that you shared it!

Jackie said...

Very well put. Thank you for sharing.

Jess said...

It's a very scary realization. We are so lucky to have to be where we are today... you just never know where life can take you or what can happen...

Unknown said...

Leah, I hope your family is safe and well in Japan. Beautiful post. It's heartbreaking to keep watching the news.. my thoughts and prayers go out to them.