Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leah's randomness

Today is a bit of my own randomness. I have made lil changes here and there and just wanted to see what ya'll thought.

Since we got our sectional, I had to move some things around. I put our diy black and white chairs in our bedroom, which the seating alone is much more convenient.

We also got new pillow covers with the compensation that West Elm gave us for the long wait for the couch. I used one of the covers to recover our little stool for my vanity.

I have wanted these West Elm plates since last Christmas and was able to get them with the same compensation money. The cups I found at a garage sale, a set of them for $15!

This is what the formal living room looks like with the big couch moved in there. I have an awful lot going on and am not sure if or where I need to edit. So if you have any suggestions please don't be shy. : )



Have a fabulous Tuesday my Luvs!


Mary said...

All the changes look great! My fiance always complains that I move stuff around too much. . . does your husband ever get annoyed?! Just curious!!

Anonymous said...

Love your home leah!! I love the changes as well! Xoxoxo

Kristen said...

love all the changes, the chairs look great in your room, love the print on the new bench. for the living room, maybe take out the cow rug? I love it, but it's kind of much. I would take it out and see how the room looks w/o it. I could be wrong and it's the perfect pop of print, but it's just an idea.

Unknown said...

omg Leah, every single corner of you home is looking like a million bucks, how do you manage? you are my hero girl. Those chair look all kinds of perfect in your bedroom and the frames just drive me bonkers. LOVE LOVE the way your formal living looks. When are you due??? xoxoxo

Cassie Stocker said...

Just a suggestion: Move the ikea white bookcase on its side behind your sofa leading to the dining room. With some awesome lamps, that would look awesome!!


Abby M. Interiors said...

I love what you've done. LOVE! You can tell you've put thought and love into all of your decisions. Have you tried the cowhide rug in your bedroom? Looking good my dear!

Geb said...

Your home is so beautiful and well collected! I think your living room looks perfect. There's a lot going on, sure, but it all meshes well and looks comfortable.

Also, I want your cowhide rug. Where did you find it?

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Looks great! I love that you used the WE pillowcase to re-cover your little bench! So smart!

The Governors Daughter said...

i like the use of pattern in your living room. the stripe, with the floral, with the great texture and on and on i could go. the use of pattern size is great too. i, too, need to edit my rooms time and time again. i love pattern and tend to put too much. sadly, i was thinking of what you might add:) looks great!