Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mothers day ideas

It's hard to believe that Mother's day is JUST around the corner! It still feels like we just packed up the Christmas stuff!
But onwards we go and with Mother's day comes wracking our brains for the perfect gift for the awesome women that carried us for 10 months and birthed us and raised us. Gosh a mere gift seems so not enough. But now that I myself am a proud Mama of two I have some pretty good ideas. Okay so these are gifts that I would LOVE!

The first is the new Jimmy Choo book, the perfect addition to any woman's book collection. And really what woman doesn't like to look at gorgeous shoes?

The second are these new baskets from West Elm. They look great in just about any home and are perfect storage for blankies or newspapers.

Third is Kate Spade's Twirl fragrance if only for it's adorable bottle and it happens too smell amazing too!

Last is this Python tray by Zhush. I have been wanting it for a while and you can never have enough trays!


Hope I gave you all some great ideas!


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Unknown said...

Catching up with all my favorite blogs this lovely Sunday morning, and thrilled to run across this sweet mention! Thanks so much!