Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday at My Home

Happy Monday my Luvs!

Remember my pink kitchen island? Well I really loved that thing and I still can't believe I sold it but when I was practically given an even nicer one for $10 I couldn't refuse. I mostly love it for it's large countertop and open shelving.

We hosted a garage sale at our house a couple weekends ago where a few families sold there stuff at our house. One of the items was this kitchen island that was going for $75. I thought it was cool and all but I really loved my pink island and didn't really want to start another project. But when it hadn't sold halfway through the day and it started to rain, the owner offered to sell it to me for $10! How could I refuse?!!

It just needed a few upgrades and a little love...




We ended up sanding it, painting it, replacing the top, and adding new hardware. Not bad for $10 bucks huh?



Urbanstems said...

Love it! Great deal and it looks fantastic in your kitchen Sinead x

Julianne/aka mama said...

As usual beautiful. You two work magic with your
creativity and team work! And Yay more work top
space! Way to go! :)

The Gardner Family said...

What a deal, its stunning. I am slightly jealous, next house I hope to score a more open or square kitchen so I too can have an island. Great work!!

Unknown said...

oh wow! amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

Loved your pink one for sure but this one is perfect! The countertop is my favorite part.

The life of Clare said...

This is stunning! I've been looking for one for ages!

Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

You guys rock the transformations like no other! LOVE it!

Unknown said...

I'd love to see this at my place. I'd love to put my favorite vase on it!

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Love your designs here, like the table in the living room. Did you use varnish and enamel paint here?