Monday, June 23, 2014

Front Room Update

Yipee you guys I am blogging from my brand new laptop! I have a feeling you are going to be seeing a bit more of me on here now that my computer is much much faster than the one shown in these pictures!

I took these photos about a month ago and I have since finished our bar area, check out the video in which I feature it here
And now I am in the works for another exciting project of which I will hopefully be posting about soon!

Hope you guys liked what I've done here and let me know if you want any deets on where things are from!


Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

Beautiful Leah! So impressed with how you put together your bar cart, too!

RAM1780 said...

Hi! LOVE the space. I've seen that Prada print several times now, but never knew where it came to share? Also, the ottomans too.

Thanks and again, love the space! Great mix of patterns and pops of pink :)

Leah said...

Hi Ram1780!
The Prada canvas print is from Etsy, and the ottomans I scored at Target ; )
Thank you!

Dagmara said...

I love this room/area. I am a big fun of black and white decor with only a few pops of color. Like you I don't really like hanging up art and most of my framed pieces are propped against the wall just in case I want to change something. I love how you skillfully added flowers around the area. Great room!

Monnaie said...

Nice interior designing and interior furnishing.

Mandy Ball said...

Looove this! Where is the desk from?

Lena said...

Love the space. Pinterest brought me here ;) I was wondering where you got your desk from?