Saturday, September 24, 2016

Front Porch Update!

So now that fall is upon us, my porch is finally ready for sumer! LOL
Oh well I guess I'll just add a few pumpkins and call it good!

Our front porch has needed some TLC for a while and I finally felt inspired when I saw this door mat from Target . After that, other pieces just jumped out at me from there. Like this "Acapulco" inspired chair that I also found from Target.

 These amazing Succulents were leftovers from my grandparents 60th anniversary celebration. (my kind of party favor!) And how gorgeous are they?!!! They seem to be very happy where they are. I will probably have to bring them inside when temps drop.
 This amazing pillow practically jumped off my computer screen as I was scrolling through West Elms website.

 The cute planter in the corner with the fern is also from West Elm. The lines on it are just perfection!

Hope you guys enjoy! ps I am planning on majorly stepping up my blogging game so fasten your seat belts and thank you so much for your support!

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