Sunday, January 28, 2018

Valentines at home Part 2

Yay time for the second part of my three part series,  on how to celebrate Valentines at home! This idea is just a no brainer... bubble bath!!!! Oh yeah! I LOVE this one because you can do this by yourself or with your spouse! All my single ladies?! Ahhh I used to take way more relaxing baths back in the day and when you make a little effort with fun drinks, bubbles, and ambience it totally transforms it into an "event"!

For our Valentines bath, I got this "LOVE" balloon and then gave Evelette the task of cutting out adorable paper hearts to stick on the walls. We used this bubble bath soap that I love, to make the bath nice and bubbly, by the way it smells AMAZING! I got the grapefruit secco from Trader Joes for our bubbly drink and it is soo soo delish! (and hey it's PINK which couldn't be more perfect for the holiday!) Our champagne glasses are adorable with their gold confetti that make them so festive. I brought the bench in from our bedroom and it made it feel way more cozy and even more of a place to hang out. And to "dress" up myself up, I combed my hair into a cute bun and added a sweet bow to complete the look! I hope you guys are getting some fun ideas! And thank you for following along!


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