Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My new favorite self tanner!

I am so excited to share my new favorite sunless tanner with you! I love that it's made with only natural ingredients and it's soo effective! I am pictured down below with only one application! 

How I apply:
After I take a shower I apply this self tanning lotion all over my body with a tanning mitt. I try to be sparing on areas that have looser skin, i.e. elbows, and knees. Then I let dry WHILE I blow dry my hair (sans clothes). After I am done with drying my hair I apply a regular lotion over the top of my tanner (I find this makes the lotion more blended and streak free) and then I get dressed. That's it! Your skin gradually becomes darker throughout the day and turns to this beautiful golden tan! I usually apply once a week and this keeps me that golden tan, which is especially nice this time of year! 

Jumpsuit (similar)

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