Monday, September 10, 2018

Longline striped cardigan

Hello Luvs! Just running around like a mad woman lately now that school is in full swing! It's so crazy how a structured schedule is soo good for everybody though! Just the fact that we are all dressed, beds made, breakfast eaten AND cleaned up and out the door by 8 am?! Does this mama good I tell ya, and you can totally can tell the kids enjoy it too! I am thinking of sharing our morning routine on the blog soon so stay tuned for that.
Today I  wanted to pop by and share this amazing longline cardigan with you before it sells out! It is seriously amazing and... wait for it... under $40! You can't beat that! Long striped cardigans are so hot this season and it's sooo hard to find one for such a deal! Check out the links below for my look, and happy shopping! PS I am wearing the small/medium size and it's the perfect fit!


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