Saturday, November 17, 2018

Perfect white puffer coats for me and my girls ON SALE

If I could pick the ideal winter outfits for me and my girls, these would be it!!! I first saw these puffer coats for my girls online then I thought "I wonder if they have one that would match me?!" It really is no secret I love matching with them so when I found the perfect coat to match I did a happy dance! 
These aren't just your plain old puffer coats either! The girls coats have fur trim around the hoods and they look adorable when over their heads, not to mention great for breaking the wind around their faces. But the best part? They are lined with sherpa! When we took them out of the package, the girls both squealed when they saw that. They couldn't wait to put them on! I love that they are lined with the sherpa, it's way cozier than a normal puffer coat can be, not to mention warmer! 

My coat is a fun twist on a puffer as well. Think puffer vest connected to an athletic thick sleeve. It's perfect for the weather here, but if you live somewhere colder you might need a thick sweater underneath for another layer. 

Girls looks 
White puffer coat on sale for $30!!!
Grey Jeggings on sale for $17!!!
Stella's sherpa boots on sale for $15!!
Evelette's boots (she has this pair but isn't wearing them here) 20% today!

Mama's look
White puffer Jacket  on sale for $30!!
Ugg boots 35% off!! 
Plaid shirt (not shown) I am wearing the pink one 40% - 50% off!

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