Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What it needs

Thank you so so much for all your amazing advice for yesterday's post! I still need to comb through everything you all wrote but we are pretty much on the same page. The room is definitely heavy on one side but I knew that it was missing things too.

So this is what I think it needs...

First off some fresh flowers! Spring anyone?

Second some sort of rug for under the sheepskin.

via Modern Chic Home

A great coffee table.

via Lonny

Gorgeous books for atop the piano.






And the last thing I think it needs is a comfy chair!
So what do you think of my plan? It is definitley going to be a work in progress but I am excited for the challenge!

On a personal note, I will one day look back and crack up about this...
You all know how I have been dealing with Morning sickness and all that, well what I didn't say was that my sweet Evelette has had a bug all this week. It all started at my sister-in-law's birthday party that was so fun and western themed. There I was in my cowboy boots feeding Evie coleslaw and baked beans when she started acting funny and then started puking several times. I tried to catch most of it with her plate to keep it from spewing all over the carpet, but a lot of it went all over my boots and pants. Not to mention no one knew I was pregnant at the time so I was trying not to start puking my guts too. We left right away and we baged up most of the clothes we both had on and put them in the trunk. It still makes me quesy thinking about it.
We thought she was all over this until yesterday she started acting funny again right before we were heading to another Birthday party. I was on my knees just kinda rocking her cause she was fussy then I felt her body start to do the bubbling up thing and then it came. Three or four times and it went all over me. Mostly on purpose cause I HAD to save the carpet. After that we made a sprint for the shower. Let's just say I didn't keep much food in my stomach yesterday!
I hope these funny stories will make you laugh. I know I will get a good laugh looking back at this. But not right now!


Kristen said...

Oooh I like all these ideas! I coffee table and some pillows will definitely look great in the room!

So funny with you and Evie! This weekend my niece and nephew (to be) were both sick so I rocked one baby while Matt's sister had the other. Now I'm sick. Lol.

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Great ideas to jazz it up! I'm sorry to hear about Evie, I hope she feels better. And you too! You're right about looking back and laughing about these things. Sounds like you're already starting to laugh about it. It's so important to keep things like that in perspective and not let them ruin your day!

Kiri said...

I love your ideas! That rug is fab...something like that would look so good in your room! You poor girl, all that puke :( Hope you both get feeling better soon!


Unknown said...

Those were all great suggestions! I love that rug! It would be perfect! Good luck on your hunt and I hope you and Evelette are feeling better soon:)

Anonymous said...

I love the see through shelf in the coffee table. That would be a great way to store and show off fashion magazines. The flowers are great too. I'm definitely ready for spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear...I hope you and the little Ms. get some rest! I feel for you....I had the worst morning sickness...ughh, hated it, but it's most def worth it! Xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Oh my.. Hope Evelette is doing better! Yes, I laughed at the story.. because I've done that too, trying to save the bedspread or carpet from the upchuck. lol. I can just picture you saying to Evie, "It's okay baby, barf on mummy, c'mon it's okay, on mummy not the carpet!!". lol! Take care both of you.. xo

JC's Loft said...

Fab finds, you always inspire me : ) Thanks!

Oh we had the sickies in our house to, no fun!!!!!!!!!!!


Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Poor thing! I hate that about this time of the year. All three of mine have fever and aches. Stinks!

Urbanstems said...

Well one good thing out of all the sickness is your carpet is still ok and was saved! Love it.Sinead x ps hope the morning sickness goes soon though not a pleasant feeling

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i love these ideas for your room! you have such ambition while feeling sick, you go girl! congratulations on your exciting news, i'm so happy for you!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Oh man... little ones are so unpredictable when they are sick! I feel for you! Hope everyone is better soon. Too funny that you sacrificed yourself to save the carpet!

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