Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday at My Home

Happy Monday my sweet Luvs! I hope you had a fabulous Easter Weekend!

We had so much fun, and are coming down after our sugar high! I thought I would share a couple photos from the church Easter egg hunt and a couple new editions to our home.

The Easter egg hunt at our church was such a blast and there were so many people so that made it even more fun. And to top it off we had an amazing sunny day. It was so much fun to watch Evie, she just wanted to open each egg as she found them and of course her Papa and I were saying "hurry before they're all gone!" lol Then you think to yourself "Why does she need to hurry? She is having so much fun!"



Help from Mama.


Evie found this leopard bean bag at Pier One and it was such a steal! She is already getting the bargain hunting thing down.


I woke up to find this Elephant bowl in my Easter basket. Dang, that Easter Bunny's good! (Thanks Lover, I guess you got my hint when I sent you a pic from Home Goods and told you I wanted it for Easter) ; )

We finally found a solution for a sofa table/ storage unit for all Evie's toys.



Have a great Monday! Luvs!


Reunion Committee said...

So so sweet. I love when they are young like that. I love that leopard print chair... and is that an ikea bookcase on its side?? :)
I did the same thing with mine! Its so functional!

Kristen said...

Happy late Easter! We did the same thing with the kids in our family, telling them to hurry when they wanted to open each egg. So funny.

I like the bookshelf at the back of the couch, looks good!

That elephant is so cute! i heart it.

Leah said...

Orange it Lovely...

Yes it's one of the Expedit bookcases from Ikea! I am so thrilled how much it holds and what a great investment it was!


Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

So cute! I love the little pink boots! That bookcase is the perfect solution for behind the sofa... and I'm still in love with your orange lamps!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness...those pink cowbow boots are the best!!! Glad you had such a fabulous Easter weekend!

Unknown said...

Elephant bowl is perfect! and OhMyGosh, your little girl is precious, so overthetop cute with those pink boots ;) xo <3

Raven said...

Love the pictures, just beautiful. Also, LOVE that your little girl has your hair. Those blonde ringlets are the die for!

Lilacandgrey said...

love her little dress!

Unknown said...

Aw does Evie ever look cute and awesome! Esp in those pink boots! Great new additions to your already fab home Leah.. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter egg-hunting weekend. : )

Designwali said...

looks great

Jess said...

the orange lamps are such a great idea. i love orange accents lately. i just bought a very orangy maxi dress, wore it twice in three days. yea for orange!