Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Pregnancy Energy

This is one of those I need an inspirational post for myself posts just to keep myself going.
I think I have started the phase of my pregnancy when what my sister calls "pregnancy energy" kicks in. This past weekend I used my brothers small pressure washer to wash off our huge RV parking area and our front driveway and because it is a small pressure washer it took me no less than six hours to do! This week I set out a goal to clean out the garage. I have to admit that I am a bit of a clean freak so when I say "clean out" I mean it. I want to go through every tub, move every shelf, wipe everything down and get it all organized. It all started after realizing we were running out of tub space (Evie alone has 8 tubs of old baby clothes) and with the new baby coming we need more storage space. Our house is a really great house except for the fact that the only storage space is in the garage. We cannot put a thing in our attic because it is unusable with no floor and piping in weird places and our closets are tiny. So all that to say, that is why I am on a mad cleaning and organizing spree. My husband still doesn't understand me though, I am pretty sure he thinks I have gone off the deep end. lol I keep telling him "just imagine when we pull into our garage with brand new baby and our garage is sparkling clean". Thanks for putting up with me baby!
We are going to do the majority of the moving of the shelves and the heavy lifting this weekend, but I wanted to get a lot of what I could get done this week so we would have more time for fun this holiday weekend.
Here's a few pics to look back on to make myself feel better when it's all done.

The very full tubs I have saved to do last.

The tubs I have already gone through.

Evie's tubs I have gone through and our outside pantry that I took everything off of to wipe it down and organize


The shelves in the main garage, I can't wait to organize!

Now if only my body will keep up!
Have a great Tuesday my sweet Luvs!


Amy Moore said...

So funny!! That is probably the only thing I miss about being pregnant. I called it pregnancy "crack"...I would nest about ten hours a day and then wake up rearing to go. I think it's your body's way of preparing for a good two month respite after little one is born. Enjoy it for now!!



Jessie said...

I think most pregnant woman goes through these phase whether it's cleaning out a space, decorate a nursery or buy baby's stuff. It is just the nesting instinct kicking in.

I remembered when I was pregnant, I just love shopping for baby's clothes almost every week. My husband has to put a stop on me. And when I have nothing else better to do, I will take the newly purchased baby clothes out of the dresser, admiring the cute little outfits, fold them and unfold them, put them away and repeat for a few months leading up to my delivery. Do you do that sometimes, Leah?

We women are so funny sometimes!


Unknown said...

Wow! You have more energy than I do and I'm not pregnant. lol! But I do remember that nesting feeling. Its' funny, right before my art director's baby was born (2 wks ago), he had the nesting fever too and pretty much re-organized the entire creative kitchen where I work! It was pretty funny to see a guy go through this. lol. Sounds like you're doing well!

Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

Clean garages rock! Can you come do mine next??:):) You are smart to clean out and get organized because you definitely will have more "stuff"! Can't wait to see the end result!

Bonnie Weeks said...

I know exactly how you feel. My baby is now 2 months and when I was at your stage, I deep cleaned the garage as well. I went through these drawers where random tools/nails/etc were and really organized nails and screws into different containers. It was sitting in that moment that I knew nesting was in full force. Enjoy your organizing!

Shannon said...

I just cleaned up our storage room too! I didn't put two and two together that its probably prego power or something...Im at 24 weeks and I want to CLEAN AND ORGANIZE EVERYTHING!