Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday at My Home

Happy Monday my Luvs!
If you were hoping for a big makeover this Monday, I am sorry to let you down. I get diyed out too! lol

I am just sharing a couple of new things that I have gotten for our home. I found them all at different times and places but I just haven't shown them off yet.

The first are these pillows that I found at Target this past weekend. They were on clearance for only $6.48 each! I love how they play off the stripes of the chairs.


The second is this bust that I found in an antique store. I spent $45 on her but I have never seen a bust so unique and truly stunning.

The third is a pair of pictures that I found at the Goodwill. I found them while digging through a huge stack trying to find the missing pieces to my recent art wall in the dining room. I saw one of them and then later saw the other, realizing that they went together, I was so excited! I wish I knew the history better of these but I know the boy is called "Little boy blue" and they were done by the famous English portrait artist Thomas Gainsborough.


I hope you like my new treasures!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

love all the pops of yellow and the umbrella stand, so cute!!

Mary said...

I just purchased those pillows from Target. . . for double the price. I'm super jealous you found them so cheap! I'm using them on my back patio. . . hopefully I will post some pictures of that part of my house SOON!

Kristen said...

those pillows are perfection for those chairs!

Jessie said...

Love your new pillows. They look great against the striped chairs!


Brianne said...

I LOVE the "Pinkie" and "Blueboy" paintings. My grandmother had them hanging over the bed I used to sleep in at her home. They are by different painters. This blog has a little of the history. (Some believe "Blueboy" is a young Napolean..."

Leah said...

Thank you so much Brianne! I am so glad to hear more of the history behind them!


Lili said...

LOVE this space!

Zee said...

The chairs are just gorgeous! B&W is so elegant!


Gabriela said...

Everything looks lovely!!! I sure do like that bust you found, she is beautiful and what a great touch she adds to the already great decor!!

mydeco said...

Like the layout of the room and the pieces of art are great!