Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday at My Home

So I know that our new floor might not excite everyone, but for us who have been living with the nasty linoleum since we moved in, it is super exciting. My husband was really not looking forward to putting down new linoleum because you have to cut it just right and rent a roller to make it all flat and smooth, it is quite a process. However when I discovered that there were "peel and stick" vinyl tiles at our local Lowes and Home Depot we were off in a flash to learn all about them. We found out that they are really much easier to install than regular linoleum and actually very cheap (only 99 cents a square foot). They still took some tedious work with all the cutting and such but I think they were a whole lot less work than the alternative. We went with a white marble "looking" tile and I am so pleased with the finished product! The two bathrooms and laundry room look so fresh and clean now, it really made a world of difference! Don't you agree?!

Here's the brand we went with from Lowes.





Happy Monday my Luvs!


JCHokie said...

We got the exact same tiles for our basement bath. Glad it turned out so well in yours.

Ninah said...

It does make a nice difference! I used these in the kitchen of my old house, but we used the black & white checkerboard tiles. I loved them! You guys did a great job!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

hold up, this isn't the real thing?! I had no idea when I was looking at the instagram pics!!! Oh, you have just saved my pockets:)

I'm gonna check them out this weekend!

White Lacquer said...

I'm pretty sure my house in WA had that same old linoleum. Yikes!!

Love the transformation. We've been wanting to make some changes in our bathrooms....can't decide between tile and the faux marble. Turned out fab!!

Xx. Patience