Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday at My Home

Happy Monday my Luvs!
For this Monday at My Home I am sharing some shots from my Instagram of this past week and weekend.
I tackled a couple of diy's that I wanted to do and I think they turned out pretty fab! I also took some pretty cute pics of my babes. ; )

First off, I "barrowed" a mexican blanket from my Mom that she wasn't using and put it in baby Hugh's nursery. Doesn't it add a cool global feel to the room?

And here's the little man himself, hanging out in Nana's laundry! I really can't get enough of him!

Remember that painted tray diy I featured a while ago? Well I finally got around to tackling it myself...
First I painted it a basic white.

Second, when it was good and dry I taped off a fun pattern.

Finally I painted it gold and peeled off the tape. After a little touch up viola! LOVE!

Another diy that I have been wanting to try is this friendship bracelet that I spied on another Instagram.

Pretty cute right?

And last but not at all least, my sweet Evelette dressed up in her Sunday best. Love this girl!

Hope you enjoyed all my little projects!



Kiri said...

His nursery is too cute! and he's pretty adorable too ;) I love that bracelet...I might have to try making one! Have a great week :)

Unknown said...

omgee. everything about this post is too adorable, your babies are growing up fast!!! x

avant garde design said...

wow, love everything! including your photos of your loves. so beautiful!! thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

My daughters use Instagram a lot. It is a fun way to quickly document your daily life, I always forget to use it. Love, love all you got done, the tray is amazing. The baby, too cute and your daughter a fashionista :)

Unknown said...

so super love your chevron artwork. Well done!

Meme said...

I love all your projects but even more you 2 babes and you!!! I am thinking of splashing some color to my living room after seeing yours last week. Love yoU!