Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy four months baby Holt!

Myyyyy baby!!!! Is it because he is my last that I want to hold on to this baby even more?! It seriously feels like time is just flying by and I cannot believe Holt is already four months! 

We have gotten to that baby bliss stage where we have a nap schedule down and he is way less fussy because of it. He takes two longer naps, one in the morning and one after lunch, then he takes a shorter nap around dinner time. And as you can tell he LOVES his milk! The fact that he has rolls upon rolls gives me so much joy! I could just squeeze him all the time! We haven't started baby food quite yet but I think we will be starting soon. Which to tell you the truth I try and hold off on until I know for sure they need it. 

He has started doing that belly laugh and the whole family stops whatever they are doing to come see. And the kids and Richard and I all have our different methods on how to get him to laugh too. 

Thank you Jesus for sweet babies and thank you Jesus for sweet baby Holt!

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