Tuesday, October 23, 2018

All things Leopard

Happy Tuesday luvs! Today I am sharing all things leopard! I tend to add a lot more leopard into my wardrobe in the fall. It's a great way to add pattern to any look. It also brings those warm colors, which I know we all gravitate towards this time of year. 
When it comes to the actual leopard pattern itself, I do not discriminate. I love ALL shapes and sizes. They are all so fun and unique! And do I ever wear more than one leopard piece at a time? YES! When wearing more than one leopard piece I try and use different patterns of it. For example  I would pair the cardi down bellow that has the large leopard print with one of the smaller print ones, such as the belt or shoes. I am showing some of my favorite leopard pieces bellow, I already have a few of them and the rest are in my cart. lol! 

1. This cardigan has the coolest large scale leopard pattern to it! I love that the sleeves are a little longer as well. Longer sleeves is something I look for in a cardigan, I love it for keeping my hands warm and the overall look of it is so cozy. 
2.  This belt is so cute with the gold hardware! Gold and leopard go so well together, warm on warm tones are everything. The small dot pattern is so fun and dainty as well!
3. A good leopard scarf is one of my favorite ways to wear this pattern. I guess I am a sucker for any cute scarf! lol it truly is such an easy way to layer. This one is so terribly cute and the price is just right.
4.  I have had my eye on this cute leopard bag for while now. It is such a classic shoulder bag! 
5. I am so crushing on this rug for the new house. I could literally put it in any room of the house and be happy. I am actually thinking it would be super cute in my entry or laundry room. Laundry room? YES! Laundry rooms need to be cute too, so much time spent there, you know?!
6.  I have these rainboots and wear them ALL the time! The picture above doesn't show the super cute seem up the back, which just pushes these over the top on the cuteness spectrum. Details on a piece really show you quality. 
7. I totally need this dress for a function I have coming up! I am loving the length of it for pairing it with booties in colder weather. And the length and little pouf to the sleeve are darling!
8. I get asked all the time about my laptop sleeve that I have on my laptop. I have had it forever but it has never gone out of style! This one isn't my exact one but I love it just the same. They have them for all sizes as well!
9. Leopard loafers are so so me! I wear mine all the time, the simplicity of just slipping them on and being so chic is a no brainer for me. I personally look for a pointed toe loafer, it elongates the look of your legs. 
10. I was daydreaming the other day of pairing emerald green pillows with this leopard pillow somewhere in our house. It's only $25, such a bargain! 

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