Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday at My Home

I have been dreaming away of how to work for some extra mula to buy this amazing horse canvas from Z gallerie when my husband said "why don't you just use some pics that we already have of horses?" Silly hubby that would be too logical! Time after time he out smarts me!Lol I can just take one of our horse pics and play around with it in photo shop!
Now I just need to find the cheapest place to get a canvas made... Any suggestions?






maria @mk square studio said...

that is a great idea!!
try, it's a great site.
I have used them numerous times for clients.

Unknown said...

You can take a zip drive into Office Max and they print the pics really large. Then use spray adhesive and glue it onto foam board from home depot. Paint the edges, and voila'! Cheap diy canvas!

The Wallers said...

smart hubby for sure! costco or canvas people.

Kristen said...

that's gonna look fab!