Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We went to Disney World

Hello my sweet Luvs!
In case you have been wondering where I've been this past week, we took an unexpected trip to Florida for Richard's work. We were going back and forth on whether the kids and I should go and then the day before we just decided to go for it! It was crazy stressful getting ready, packed and there with two little ones but we had so much fun when we finally got there. We even spent a day at Disney world and had a blast. Be back soon to share pics of Evelettes birthday party (we got back the day before the party!)

Here's Evelette and I marveling at the castle (I'm in the red)



Ashley @ Life with Kids said...

I LOVE your outfit...even though I can only see the back half. Where did you get it?

♥ Ashley


Becky Cowen said...

can't wait to see pictures! and any tips/advice would be great! we are taking the kids in april :)

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Yes! We are going in April as well... would love to hear any advice/tips that you could share!

Unknown said...

ok. your outfit is to DIE! and what a fabulous trip that must have been!!! best things in life come unexpectedly :)

Sheila@Chinaberry said...

Nothing quite like Disney World. And that castle ~ can't I have a house like that?!

Unknown said...

Oh how awesome!! And I absolutely love what you're wearing!

chibiaion said...

Whoa, think that was fun. Love your red red top and Evelette's curls are so cute.

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