Monday, November 20, 2017

Leopard coat, pink sweater, and baby Holt at 6 months

Holt is officially half a year old and every milestone is so bittersweet because I just want to bottle every moment up and make it last forever! He is way more interactive nowadays. Making the cutest baby language of his own. He knows familiar faces and is definitely getting more shy around people he doesn't know. He is really close to sitting up and rolling over, but no thanks to me! It's all my Mom and Richard's fault! I say "stop encouraging him! I'm not ready to have a mobile baby!" lol of course I tease and will love every accomplishment but maybe he could hold off a little while! He is eating way more of a variety of foods now like sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, baby rice cereal, avocados, bananas, and winter squash. And he is eating twice a day for lunch and dinner. He is taking just two naps now, with an occasional third nap around dinner time when he needs it. He still wakes up once a night, but mostly cause this mama has a hard time letting him cry, especially when he has the potential for waking up the whole house! But all in all he is one happy and healthy sweet baby and we all love hime to pieces!

Holt is wearing a super duper cute GIRL coat, that I didn't realize was a girl coat until it came and it had a pink inside liner and the bands around the wrist and tie around the middle were gold sparkled. lol Oh well it's still super cute on him and you can't really tell!

Mama's Outift 

I really love this look with this sweater from Romwe! The knit pattern is so cute and I love the lattice on the back as well! The leopard coat I have had a couple years now but I found a similar one here


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