Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Nesting Newbies

The latest issue of Nesting Newbies is out and I had to share my favorite of the online mag. In this issue they displayed some really great ideas for some uber chic table settings. I love the originality and the whimsical touches that they used.

For example in this emerald green (a fond color of mine) table setting, I love that they hung the frames all crooked, that touch of quirkiness is so fun and is a great conversation starter.


In this setting I love that they used turtle shells as plates and beetle wallpaper! Why not?!


Just desserts? No problem, they took it way overboard and filled the table with tons of eye candy.


Check out this fun geometric structure suspended over the table!

This is just a girls sweet tooth fantasy! Yum!

That's it time to throw another dinner party!



Jenna Lee said...

WOW. There's not much more to say than WOW! Those tables are so glamorous... I dont know if i would want to touch them!

Amy Moore said...

I love love the crooked frames and that beetle wallpaper rocks!!


Unknown said...

oh my gosh i love this. Every single photo I'm in love! Emerald green is such a weakness of mine, and I LOVE those crooked frames!

Unknown said...

OMG i love them all - insanly amazing and fabulous and chic!

Jessie said...

Absolutely chic table settings, most are so whimsical! My favorite table setting is the one with beetle wallpaper because not only are the wallpaper gorgeous, there's the beautiful chandelier and the fabulous stools. Not to forget the wonderful color scheme, too!

Red River Interiors,LLC said...

Love these pics...great chandelier... Fay