Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am completely drawn to these happy rooms decorated by San Francisco designer Kimberly Ayres. I mean what's not to love?!!!
Happy Tuesday my sweet Luvs!




Unknown said...

wallpaper is amazing in these rooms!!!!!!!!!!! just love the colors... xo (Evelette looks darling with her new do ;)

Jessie said...

These rooms are so gorgeous. Love her use of colors!

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claire said...

So much colour. Love it! x

mydeco said...

Like the bright colour in the first pic and I like the way that the wallpaper in the second piuc is accessorised with the art and the light fixture is interesting in the last pics, like the floor and the desk too and of course the neutral colour thanks for posting these!

Lilacandgrey said...

LOVEE that wall covering in the last photo