Friday, July 8, 2011

Fresh flowers make it

I can totally understand why some designers say that a room isn't complete without fresh flowers. They totally make a room!
Happy weekend my Luvs!




Anonymous said...

Leah these pictures are Gorgeous! That Kitchen is perfect! I love everything about it! anyways... enjoy your day! x

Unknown said...

totally agree! that pop of color just makes it, plus it can make the most masculine/modern room look feminine =)

Jessie said...

Love this gorgeous kitchen and the flowers are the perfect touch for a pop of color!


Unknown said...

Totally agree with you on this! It's adds a nice touch to the room.

Bust yo' Booty! said...

these images are stunning. I love when i come across beautiful kitchen's :)
I've been trying to incorporate flowers into my home but they are just so darn expensive. It's easier to buy fake ones! Ha

mydeco said...

Fresh flowers do add a burst of colour to a room and do liven the room up indeed!