Friday, April 30, 2010

Shopping Urban Outfitters

I have been seeing hounds tooth everywhere lately and I think this cute wallpaper would be a great choice to show it off. Maybe on a single wall...
Vibrant peacock rug on sale for 39.99!
I love the cardigan and mini skirt combo. If only my legs weren't pasty white right now!
Something so soft and pretty about this white ruffled shower curtain.
If these weren't $178. I would so buy one asap! The fact that they light up is so rad!

I REALLY REALLY want this chair! It is so cute and hip. My house needs this! And only for $78 I think it's well worth it. Time to start saving. I wonder if it is comfortable?

Love this mini white version of the Cuckoo clock.

Yes please.


Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

You found some serious finds Leah! I love the clock and shower curtain, and, and...!

Brittney Lynne said...

I think u should try the houndstooth wallpaper for sure on one wall! The white chair you want would look good with it too! Marilyn looks so much better there... Plus she matches your kitchen:) amazing that you made such a moment with refurbished items! Gorgeous!