Monday, April 26, 2010

Step three of Backyard Makeover

Step three: Paint pots
My sis gave these pots to me a while ago. She was going to get rid of them because they are cracked but I said that I would love to have them! I knew they were going to have great purpose!

My weapon of choice.
Just the first coat and they are already glamour worthy.
I ordered these lemon grass plants from Spring Hill Nursery who had an amazing online deal. I was able to order $20 worth of free plants and only had to pay shipping. This plant is great because you can use it for cooking, plus they say it is great to keep mosquitos at bay. Hopefully they will really fill out some space on the deck.


Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

They look amazing Leah!! Great job! I love your plant choice too!

The Everett Seven said...

It's going to look really good!

Sarah Klassen said...

Fantastic! Thanks also for your kind comment :)

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday...