Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fling

We recently had a garage sale at my sister's house that was so much fun. However we decided not to do one for a while because they are a lot of work! It's funny having a sale with friends and family because you end up looking through each other's stuff! My friend was selling a really cute white bird cage for $3 and I bought it thinking I could do something fun with it. I painted it (of course) and put two little white vases that I bought from Goodwill today. I think I might plant some herbs and put it in my window in the kitchen. My hubby also picked out an adorable butterfly from Goodwill. That adds a little something extra. Thanks Lover!

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The Everett Seven said...

Aah! It turned out so cute! I think it will look great in your kitchen window. You are getting so good with transforming the so-so into something Glamorous!