Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday at My Home

Good morning my sweet Luvs!

Are any of you melting in crazy heat? Well if you need a break, we have been having the weirdest summer here in Oregon, mild and rainy. But I have to admit when I hear how hot it is in other parts of the nation, I am not complaining one bit! Especially when I am eight months pregnant and have my own heater built in. ; ) Today however the sun is shining and I think Evelette and I will spend as much time outside as possible!

On another note, I have decided that I need a new camera. My pictures are always so disappointing to me, I can never get the lighting right and the quality just isn't there. I think I will put that on top of my list for Santa this year, it will be especially nice with baby boy coming and all. Any recommendations?

So (with poor quality pics) here are the prints all hung over my pretty new desk...



Fun huh? I love how clean the space feels now, I think it's important to have a space that doesn't feel restricting for inspiration.

Here's the list of Etsy shops I purchased the prints from

The three to the left are all from Leigh Viner
The Zebra watercolor is from Eastwitching
And the "You Are My Favorite" print is from Fifiduvie

p.s. A funny thing Evelette said... "I don't want popcorn, kids like popcorn" Say what?
p.p.s. Our sectional is coming today or tomorrow and I am Sooooo excited!


Unknown said...

Leah I LOVE IT. The silver frames are gorgeous, and the whole little space looks very chic with the whites + metallics. I am inspired =)

Unknown said...

hey girl - can u e-mail me or comment on my blog where u got that desk - it's PERFECT for my office!

and i SOOO want an awesome camera too!!!! - totally on my Santa list!

~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Loving the Zebra!

leanne said...

really pretty, love the prints and the silver frames, oh and the weather in the UK is EXACTLY the same! x

Kristen said...

ooh i like! the frames look fantastic too!

Mary said...

I adore the silver frames against the gray wall. Great choice!!

Erica Cook said...

looks fab doll! oh, and so excited for you about the sectional! :) xo

Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

I love it, Leah!!! GREAT art picks! So clean and crisp and intriguing at the same time! Your shiny silver frames, fun gold tray, Leah-pink cards, pillow that ties it all in, adore it all!

Unknown said...

This looks awesome and I really like your selection of prints!

mydeco said...

Your pics are great and I like the pinrts keeping the colours Simple, looks good. Thanks for this (Camera advice - maybe a Nikon D300 professional camera but great!)

katie [the bright life] said...

The prints look AWESOME!! Love them!! Especially "You are my favorite"!

Bonnie Weeks said...

The prints are perfect. Clean and interesting.