Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have the chairs, now what?

So the best husband in the world ( back off he's mine! : ) ) went and picked up these chairs last night. Now what? I need loads of advice people!
1. What color should I paint them?
2. What fabric should I use?
3. Does the coffee table need to go?
4. Should I arrange this area differently?
5. What does this space need? I feel like it's missing something.


The Everett Seven said...

Woo hoo! Score! I love how your front room is developing into such a cool space. A bigger coffee table might help anchor the sitting area. Maybe a table that isnt' square of rectangle? The chairs could face the couch with the little table in between them. I have to "play" with things to figure it out. The chairs aren't bad as they are. If you wanted to live with them for awhile you could just put a smaller toss pillow on them that has black/white/teal/or green in it to tie the room together. You are way better at playing with color than I am! I need your help!

hip hip gin gin said...

Love this room, love those chairs!!! I say keep the coffee table. I think for the chairs I would maybe leave the fabric as is (unless it needs repair, it looks in good condition on the photos) and maybe paint the wood bits a fun color? But I do agree with the comment above, live with them for a while before you do anything, often times that really helps.

Leah said...

The fabric on the chairs does look better in the photo. It is pretty worn.

Fargerike Dagny said...

Oh wow, I LOVE your living room!! So chic!! (you're definitely going in our new blog roll!!)

I think if I would do anything it would be to change the window treatments. Your windows are AMAZING, and I would do something to enhance it.

The chiang mai dragon fabric from Schumacher would look fabulous. Or anything for Svenskt tenn??

I really love your color scheme with the different tones of green, the red table... What if you painted the chairs dark blue?

Anyways, looove your style!!

Oh, we're having a pretty spectacular giveaway tomorrow with some chic, Scandinavian art, you should definitely check it out :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

im gonna say, yes, switch the coffee table out.....maybe something longer and more curvy, to flow with your seating.

i kinda like the antique color of the chairs, just put a bright fun and pretty fabric with hints of green to match the other shades of green you have going on.

by the way. i am kinda obsessed with your living room! :)

Tiina said...

Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! I adore a lot of things in these pictures, the armchairs to start with. I'm looking for exactly similar. When I find ones I will paint them blanc and upholster with zebra pattern.

don't loose the table, but paint it darker, maybe moss green, almost black green. I would maybe change curtains to lighter ones, light blueish or white. Love the bookshelf!

have a lovely day!

Tiina said...

... paint them black I tried to type :)

christa jean said...

Hey Leah!
What if you went to Ikea and bought a few of those small lambskin rugs and just stitched them togeter (like with fishing line or something)? That would make the space even more luxurious! I don't remember what they cost, so it may not be a super cheap deal. Just a thought!

I like the idea of a dark blue for the chairs too, I'm thinking more of a peacock shade, which is kinda greenish. That color always looks fabulous with green!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

christa jean said...

Here are a couple links to the color I'm seeing...

WHOA! I'm sorry! That took up way too much space.
Anyhoo, whatever you choose to do will be fabulous, I'm sure!

Diana Mieczan said...

I would just get some beautiful pillows to match the chairs and the sofa...Pillows always make a statment! I love those chairs!
You have a beautiful big window:)
Kisses and thank you so much for following me...You made my day, girl!

Teresa Kline said...

I say add a print of some sort to the chairs, the coffee table works, you may find something down the road you like better. I would paint it though, the color would depend on what fabric you add to the chairs. It all depends on what look you are going for and what colors you want to build around. I am sure what ever you do it will be beautiful, great find! Have a fabulous weekend.

enjoy *~*

Rachel- Once Upon a Farm said...

I love your new chairs Leah! I think you should try to incorporate white somewhere. Perhaps in a rug like Christa was talking about or in the curtains or on the chairs? You have such cool colors going on! Love you!

Leah said...

Thank you all so much for your comments! I seriously have the best friends and followers! I am taking everything into consideration. I like the idea of new curtains. I might try and go fabric shopping before too long. I still am debating on the chairs. I like the idea to do some sort of pattern on them. I have a large sheepskin rug that I can put on the floor so I might try that (thanks Christa). So much to think about and I will show you the end result when it's all done! Thank you my lovelies!

debra@dustjacket said...

I just love your chairs and the color of your sofa is fab. Beautiful big window too.
xxx DJ

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

such a lovely room. i would do either an ikat fabric in blue on the chairs or ikat pillows. they will look great with your sofa. i would also change the cofee table to something a bit more oval with similar legs to your sofa. maybe white! what if you rearranged the area so the sofa was facing the windows and the chairs on the opposite side, backing the window. then you can fit a larger table in the room, maybe?

Kathysue said...

Ooooh! You have such great pieces to work with. The first thing I would do is move the book case it is competing with the great green chest. I would also change the panels to maybe a zig-zag black and white print, maybe Ikea has something cool. I would put a cowhide or striped rug under coffee table, which by the way I like the table and on the chairs I would use a emerald green ,like in the chest in a print like an Imperial trellis. You are obviously very talented at finding fun pieces, you will make a great room when finished, Enjoy the Process,Kathysue