Sunday, October 17, 2010

My brothers wedding!

Back from Seattle after attending my brothers wedding in the Century Ballroom. I am so thrilled to show off these pics of my new sister-in-law and my family!

I snapped this cute pic of Liza (the bride) just about to walk down the isle. I was standing in the back trying to coax Evelette to go down the aisle. She ended up doing it like a pro! Yay!


After Evelette headed down the aisle I rushed to the front where I was sitting just in time to watch my big brother watch the love of his life come in. I have never seen him so happy!


From left to right. My oldest brother Zach, Patrick, Nathan, and my brother-in-law David.


I had to step out with Evie, after she got a little too vocal. We found this adorable little room and check out that light fixture!!! I love!



Mr. and Mrs.!!!


My super HOT parents!


Check out her dress! She made it herself, amazing!


Zach and his son Marcus. He's the little cutie pie I get to watch 3 days a week! Ya it's rough. ; )


The ballroom!

The amazing handmade cakes that were atop each table. Check out that dahlia!

My cute pie and I!
I call this jacket my Gwen Stefani. lol

All in all we had blast and I couldn't be happier for my brother Daniel and his precious new wife! We love you!


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know where to begin.. What a gorgeous wedding, the bride is gorgeous! Her dress.. it's breathtaking.. Your brothers.. your parents (are they old enough to be your parents?!). You have such a beautiful family.. And Evelette in a tutu, oh my. She's such a beauty.. What a beautiful wedding..

felicity said...

I love weddings where the personalities of the bride and groom really come though. It makes them more meaningful, I think, and this wedding certainly shows that! Everyone looks genuinely happy, beautiful, and real! Weddings like this make me almost regret eloping (but then I remember that ours wouldn't have had as many smiling faces and grumps at a wedding aren't as appealing). Congrats to everyone!


Cherish Stockdale said...

What a beautiful wedding! Your family is adorable! congrats to your brother & his new wife :)!!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Looks like a great time!! And I can't believe your sister in law made her dress!!!

Jessie said...

beautiful wedding! love your stripes :)

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Like Shannon said, I can't believe your sister-in-law made her dress! It's so beautiful! Your family is so cute and I love your Gwen inspired jacket :)

Kiri said...

Oh this is such a pretty wedding! I love her dress, the individual cakes, and you guys look too cute! Congrats to your family! Have a great week :)


Anna Walker said...

She mad that dress!?! Crazy! It looks like a great wedding, I am glad you had fun!

Izzy said...

What a gorg family! Love your Gwen Stefani jacket :D Congrats to the newlyweds!

Unknown said...

congrats to the couple..
great wedding..

Lulu said...

Cannot believe she made her dress, it's beautiful! Congrats to your family, such a wonderful event!

Jackie said...

What a gorgeous wedding! The dress you sis-in-law made?!? Crazy! It is so beautiful and unique. Love the mini cakes in the middle of the tables and her bouquet! They look so happy. And your parents are hot! Ha! Also (the list keeps going here) love the light fixture and your stripey Gwen jacket! Oh, and of course Evelette is such a doll.

Unknown said...

AHH!! I love the black room that you took Evelette into.
Cute jacket too.


Jesse said...

What a lovely wedding! Everyone looked so great! Love your jacket too!